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Bursaries for students

This year the HEXAGON TRUST, of which Prof Jan Smit is a trustee, awarded more than R1.3 million in bursaries to 31 NWU students on the three campuses in Natural Sciences, Engineering and Chartered Accountancy Training. It is the fifth year for HEXAGON to award bursaries to NWU students. In the June examinations these students performed exceptionally well. The pass mark, taken across all the modules the students had registered for, was 81%. Three students completed their degrees.


Prof. Jan (Bommel) Smit.


  The HEXAGON TRUST is a trust founded by GRAFTECH, an American company. GRAFTECH was, amongst others, the manufacturer of the graphite Enrico Fermi used in the first experimental nuclear reactor. The reactor led directly to the development of the Atom Bomb.


 Published by Nikki Nel on 16 August 2010.




Snoepie Coetzee, voorspeler van die Pukke word in sy spore gestuit deur die kaptein van die Maties, Edward Peverett. Foto: Mario van de Wall.